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powerful and effective ranking methods for websites.


PBN: Private Blog Network links

Private blog networks are powerful and effective ranking methods for websites. However, not all website owners have access to this exclusive platform. This is the reason why we offer our clients PBN link services. It’s guaranteed to deliver excellent traffic toward the client site. If done right, it would lift your website on top of the search results page.

What our PBN blog contains:

Spam-free content. We ensure that your PBN blogs won’t face penalties from the PBN community. Our team ensures that the content is relevant and up-to-date.

Do-follow links. These links allow SEO masters and other people to follow you. This translates to better traffic and wider exposure.

SEO optimization. Although PBN is an advanced technique, we don’t forget to go back to basics. We ensure that our posts will be optimized from basic to intensive SEO methods.

Related image. Humans are visual beings. This is the reason why images are as important as the content. We don’t just post this. We also optimize it with alt tags and the likes.

Permanent posts. When you avail our PBN service, your posts will be permanent for at least a year. All the content will stay in place as long as you’re paying for our service.

Take note that our PBNs are manually submitted and posted. This prevents the risk of penalties and issues with the traffic and linking. Also, all of the blogs we used for the PBN are indexed by Google and bears excellent footing on the SERPs. Rest assured that you’ll see results in just a matter of days.

Benefits of availing our PBN service

Thinking of what you’ll get from our Public Blog Network service? Here is some of the value for money ROI:

Manually written 500-word posts. PBNs require well-written 400-500-word posts. On this length, we ensure that the posts are structured properly and packed with unique information.

Protected domains. Your money and efforts won’t go to waste since all our PBN domains are protected. It won’t face penalties and Google sanctions.

Exposure to authority sites. Your posts will be exposed and used on High Authority Websites that have average ref domains of 900+. We only use sites with 38 average DA and 18 average TF.

Strong domains with quality metrics. We always bank on strong domains that will withstand the test of Google algorithms. The quality metrics will ensure that the PBN service is right on point.

No monthly fees, one-time payment only!

PBN services don’t have to be expensive. We offer a one-time fee for our service that will vary in inclusions. Monthly fees are taxing and a hassle for busy clients. With one-time pay, everything will run smoothly.

Various blog packages to get you started

Our PBN service comes in various packages. You can choose from 5-15 blog posts with various link numbers and turnaround time. And most of all, we don’t use spammy links! No matter what you avail, our maximum TAT would be 15 days. We love fast results but that doesn’t mean we’re compromising the quality.